The Department of Computer Science and Engineering with its cohesive team of faculty members, offers a sound program at the UG as well as the PG levels. The department provides in-depth technical knowledge and opportunities for innovation and research with up-to-date computer facilities. It is updated regularly to keep up with the growing demands and the changing trends of the software industry and research laboratories.

Department has produced high quality technocrats for the last few years to cater to the needs of hardware and software industry, R&D organizations, and academic Institutions. The teaching in the department emphasizes on fundamental principles, development of creative thinking and the analytical ability to solve real life problems. The Department also encourages its students to engage in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, personality development, developing team spirit and organizational skills.

Vision of the Department

  • To empower the students to be technologically adept, innovative, self-motivated and responsible global citizens possessing human values and contribute significantly towards high quality technical education with ever changing world.
Mission of the Department
  • To  impart  knowledge  in  the  state  of  art  in  Computer Science and Engineering  with relevant theoretical basis.
  • To create a lively environment for the students and faculty for personal and professional growth with high ethical standards.
  • To continuously upgrade the curriculum and laboratory facilities to train the students in latest.

Key features
  • Qualified, trained, energetic and dedicated faculty and staff.
  • Best-in-class infrastructure and computing facilities.
  • Curriculum is designed to facilitate students in pursuing higher education in India and abroad.
  • Placements in the national and international companies.

Programme Outcomes

To provide students with preparation to become worthy of professional careers in the field and to be motivated for lifelong learning. All prescribed courses have definite objectives and outcomes.

The graduates of this programme will be able to demonstrate:

PO1: Understanding of software and hardware concepts, functionalities and  applications.
PO2: An Ability to design, develop and test computer programs involving various algorithms,  methodology and programming languages.
PO3: Competency of business domains and functional processes that employ software systems and  applications.
PO4: Practical use of communication protocols and their applications in the field of Internet and  World Wide Web.
PO5: Sound understanding of fundamentals of computer as the central enabling platform for  information management in 21st century.
PO6: An Ability to develop, integrate, maintain and innovate software applications deployed in  various multi-disciplinary domains.
PO7: Thought process to design and implement practical solutions for global industry needs.
PO8: Acumen to embrace and adopt futuristic technological developments
PO9: Sound knowledge of entrepreneurship traits to succeed.
PO10: Adoption of practices that are ethical ensuring transparency and accountability.
PO11: Capability to provide solutions that are socially empowering and environment friendly.
PO12: Effective communication and collaboration techniques with stakeholders to achieve best  results.

Faculty  (Permanent:10     Adhoc/Other:02     Total:12)

Sr. Name Designation/Dept Qualification Experience Email Address Area of Specialization Image
Teaching Industry
1 Prof. DHARASHIVE N G (H.O.D.) Asst. Prof. B.E., M.E.(CSE) 21 1 Image Processing Networking
2 Prof. TANDLE S R (T.P.O.) Asst.Prof. HOD B.E., M.E. 30

Programming C,C++, JAVA
3 Prof. PATHAN N J Asst. Prof. B.E., M.TECH 24 Computer N/W
4 Prof. SWAMI S G Asst. Prof. B.E., M.E. 12 3 Months Programming(C &C++) & Operating System/ S/w Testing
5 Prof. GUJAR S S Asst. Prof. B.E., M.E. 9 Computer Networks
6 Prof. H P Shah Asst. Prof. B.E.,M.TECH 8 Years
M/c Learning,Cloud Computing, STQA
7 Prof. P J Kokane Asst. Prof. B.E., M.E. 5 Years
Computer Architecture,S/w Engg
8 Prof. R B Late Asst. Prof. B.E., M.E. 6 Years Mobile Computing, Image Processing
9 Prof. M P Bidve Asst. Prof. B.E., M.E. 6 Years
10 Prof. S N Nagure Asst. Prof. B.E., M.E. 14 Years
Computer Networks, Blockchain Technology


Sr. Name of the Lab
1 Computer Graphics Lab.
2 Programming Language Lab.
3 Computer Software Lab.
4 Computer Design Lab.
5 Project Lab.
6 Central Computing Lab.

Student Corner

Computer Science Engineering Student's Association (CSESA)

Office bearers of CSESA

Designation Name
President Mr.Rohan Hatte
Vice President Mr.Nikhil Potadar
Treasurer Mr.Rushikesh Nande
Joint Treasurer Ms.Dipali Baile
Joint Treasurer Mr.Rushikesh Ugile
Secretary Mr.Prashant Biradar
Joint Secretary Mr.Rutuj Jadhav
Joint Secretary Mr.Vaishnavi More
Student Co-ordinator Ms.Radhika Kalantri
Student Co-ordinator Mr.Parth Machile
Student Co-ordinator Ms.Harshika Bhise
Technical Head --
Joint Technical Head --