Administrative Staff

Sr. Name Designation Qualification Experience Area of Specialization Image
1 Prof. S. S. Damre Registrar M.E.CSE P.hd* 9 Years IoT
2 Mr.S.B.Hallale Accounts Officer M.Com. M.Phil. 31.5 Years Office
3 Mr.A.P.Joshi Office Superi. B.A. 33 Years Office
4 Mr.J.M.Lakhadive Head Clerk B.COM 17 Account Section
5 Mr.S.M.Deshmukh Head Clerk B.A. English 16 Admission Section (I/C)
6 Mr R. W. Patil Sr. Clerk B.A Exam. Section
7 Mr.G.V.Patil Jr. Clerk B.A 18 Years Admission Section
8 Mr.V.G.Swami

Technical Staff

Sr. Name Designation Qualification Experience Area of Specialization Image
1 Mr.R.O.Sudke Comp. Prog. M.Sc (Math.) 25 Years Electronics Department
2 Mr.S. C. Jirge Comp. Prog.(Network Incharge) MCA 5 Years 4 Months Network Department
3 Mr.S.C.Patwari Maintenance Engg. D.C.E. 26 Years Civil Department
4 Mr.S.S.Utage Tech. Asst. Diploma in Electrical Engg. 24 Years Electrical Department
5 Mr.S.S.Garte Tech. Asst. M.E. (Appearing) 19 Years Mechanical Department
6 Mr.D.V.Kore Instructor ITI, ETP 28 Years Mechanicla Department
7 Mr.R.K.Zunjare Instructor ITI 29 Years Civil Department
8 Mr O. K Ankulange Electrician HSC, Vocational 14 Years Electrical work
9 Mr.S.N.Patange Lab. Asst. Electro. Tech. Diploma 22 Years Electronics Department
10 Mr.V.V.Nila Lab. Asst. ITI (NTC) 12 Years Academic Cell & F.E. Dept.
11 Mr.A.B.Bidve Lab. Asst. ITI (NTC) 12 Years Electronics Department
12 Mr.A.V.Nila Lab. Asst. ITI (NTC) 12 Years Scolarship Section
13 MR R G Sankaye Lab. Asst. M.Sc.SAN 18 Years System Administration & Network
14 Mr.A.A.Kadam Lab. Asst. M.Tech(CSE) 15 Years Computer Science & Engineering
15 Mr. C. S. Suryawanshi Electrician M.C.V.C. 8 Years Electrical Department
16 Mr. V. U. Tat Tech. Asst. M.Sc (Comp. Sci.) 8 Years Office
17 Miss. S. S. Yelapure Tech. Asst. Diploma in CSE 2 Years Comp. Dept.
18 Mr. S. V. Tanwade Lab. Asst. Diploma in Elctronics& Tele. Comm. 5 Years 6 Months Electronics Department
19 Mr.N.R.Bembalkar Skilled Asst. ITC 27 Years Electrical Department
20 Mr.M.A.Gaikwad Carpenter ITI, MA 8 Years Mechanical Department
21 Mr D. R. Patil Lab. Atte. SSC 19 Years Office
22 Mr. D. S. Thele Lab. Atte. SSC 18 Years Office