The Department of IT has always been on a high growth path and has experienced and dedicated faculty members with a strong commitment to engineering education. The teaching learning process at department prepares students to meet the computer technology needs of various sectors, namely, business, government, healthcare, education, manufacturing, etc. To keep pace with the current technological trends and to sharpen their skills, faculty development workshops are carried out regularly. During this four year programme, emphasis is on technology itself more than on the information it conveys.

Information technology is a growing field that offers relatively secure positions for those with solid technical skills and at least a bachelor's degree in an IT-related field. From support to engineering, there are several specializations that deal with the various facets of information technology.

The field of information technology (IT) covers the design, administration and support of computer and telecommunications systems. Some of the positions in this field include database and network administrators, computer support specialists, computer scientists, s/w programmers and system analysts. The majority of career tracks in IT entail design and operational tasks related to computer hardware components, networks and software applications.

Professionals in the IT field work with businesses and organizations to set up and support viable computer networks that will keep systems efficient and reliable. IT encompasses all hardware and software used in the storing, creation and accessing of information. Examples of technologies that professionals work with are firewalls, databases, media storage devices, networks and the Internet.

Vertical growth of students in rural and urban areas.

To give Value Based Education that “transform person to personalities”.

Programme Outcomes

A. Program Outcomes (POs)

The graduates of this programme will be able to demonstrate:

  1. PO1: An Understanding of IT architecture, software and hardware concepts, functionalities and  application.
  2. PO2: An Ability to design, develop and test computer programs involving various algorithms,  methodology and programming languages.
  3. PO3: Competency of business domains and functional processes that employ IT systems and  applications.
  4. PO4: Practical use of communication protocols and their applications in the field of Internet and  World Wide Web.
  5. PO5: Sound understanding of fundamentals of computer as the central enabling platform for  information management in 21st century.
  6. PO6: An Ability to develop, integrate, maintain and innovate software applications deployed in  various multi-disciplinary domains
  7. PO7: Thought leadership to design and implement practical solutions for global industry needs.
  8. PO8: Acumen to embrace and adopt futuristic IT technological developments.
  9. PO9: Sound knowledge of entrepreneurship traits to succeed.
  10. PO10: Adoption of practices that are ethical ensuring transparency and accountability.
  11. . PO11: Capability to provide solutions that are socially empowering and environment friendly.
  12. PO12: Effective communication and collaboration techniques with stakeholders to achieve best  results.


Infrastructure and Facilities


Sr. Name of the Laboratory Lab- in Charge No. of Computers
1 Soft Computing Lab Prof.A.V.Biradar 22
2 Networking Lab Prof.N.P.Kamble 22
3 Project Lab Prof.O.M.Patil 22
4 Hardware Lab Prof.S.M.Kauthale  



Total Numbers of Titles 110
Total Numbers of Volumes 308
List of journals online As per central Library


  • Senior faculties in this era.
  • The department has experienced faculty members specialized in various subjects of I.T.
  • Hands on practical’s with fully updated technology.
  • Weekly aptitude tests.
  • One –to- One teaching learning process.


  • Well Furnished classrooms.
  • Well equipped laboratories.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity

Student Corner

To Enlighten the Hidden Talent of students the department has formed association

Name of association: INSPIRE IT

Association is inaugurated by Hon. Principal Prof.B.V.Dharane and Head department of IT on the occasion of wel-come party of S.E. IT students.

Designation Name Contact no
President Nakade Amol 8149572098
Vice president Biradar Omshant 7719000546
Secretary Karbhari Akshaykumar 9960001375
Treasurer Jadhav Sheweta and Karpe Pranita  
Technical Head Wattamwar Priti  
Student Co-ordinator Pattewar pooja  


Technical Event:

This event gave a platform to the engineering students from different domains to present their vision, thoughts and ideas. With such a huge, alluring and assertive response from the students across our region at our college for the Project Exhibition, Model Making and Poster Presentation, its gives a clear idea that students are pondering and need a platform to keep their views and plans for the change in technology. They are urging and demanding to consider their opinion for the betterment of technology. Our department firmly believes that honing (shine)students’ intelligence with such initiatives is of utmost importance and hence department is planning for a 3 fold event in the forthcoming academic year.


IT Engineering

IT Engineering

IT Engineering

IT Engineering

IT Engineering

IT Engineering

Cultural event :

Dandiya Utsav RAASLEELA As a part of cultural development of the students the department organizes various cultural event one o the event celeberated is “RAASLEELA “ that is dandiya 2015. This event is organized on 26oct on the occasion of “kojagiri pornima”

IT Engineering

IT Engineering

IT Engineering


Faculty  (Permanent:07     Adhoc/Other:00     Total:07)

     Name Prof. BIRADAR D V
Designation Asso. Prof. (HOD)
Qualification ME (EC)
Teaching Experience 23 Years
Industry Experience -
Email Address
Area of Specialization Embedded System, Mobile comp..                                                                                                                                                   

     Name Prof. BIRADAR A V
Designation Asst. Prof.
Qualification M.E.(CNE)
Teaching Experience 11 Years
Industry Experience -
Email Address
Area of Specialization Computer Networking, Info. Security..                                                                                                                           

                 Name Prof. KAMBLE N P
Designation Asst. Prof.
Qualification M.TECH (CS)
Teaching Experience 8 Years
Industry Experience -
Email Address
Area of Specialization                             Compiler Construction, Software Engineering, Fundamental of c programming, Theory of computation, Computer network, Software engineering, Compiler construction, C++, Java, Principles of programming language.                                                                                     

     Name Prof. PATIL O M
Designation Asst. Prof.
Qualification M.TECH (CS)
Teaching Experience 7 Years
Industry Experience 4 Years
Email Address                                                                                                                               
Area of Specialization Database System, Java, SQL.                                                                                                                                      

     Name Prof. KAUTHALE S M
Designation Asst. Prof.
Qualification M.E.(CNE)
Teaching Experience 9 Years
Industry Experience 3 Years
Email Address
Area of Specialization Computer N/W, MY SQL, PHP.                                                                                                                        

            Name Dr. HAlGARE N M
Designation Asst. Prof.
Qualification PhD(CSE)
Teaching Experience 9 Years
Industry Experience 1 Year
Email Address
Area of Specialization           Data Structure, Computer Algorithm.                                                                                                                                                       

                 Name Prof. CHOURE K A
Designation Asst. Prof.
Qualification BE(IT), M.E. (CSE)
Teaching Experience 4 Years
Industry Experience 2 Years
Email Address
Area of Specialization                         Automate Theory, Compiler Construction, Software Testing, Data Structure, Design & Analysis of Algorithm.