Department of Electronics Engineering has healthy administration, robust infrastructure and enthusiastic team of faculty and non-teaching technical and supportive Staff. Highly meritorious students get admitted to this programme, not only from Maharashtra, but from all over India.

In addition to essential electronic subjects, software based subjects are also included in the curriculum which makes this course suitable for electronics and many IT industries.

Department offers one under graduate course - B.E (Electronics Engg.) and one post graduate course - M.E (Electronics and Communication Engg.). The department outfits the increasing needs of technical wisdom in all associated areas of electronics engineering such as Microelectronics, Communication, Control and Instrumentation, power electronics, Microcontrollers, Signal and Image Processing etc. . There are around 12 well equipped laboratories which includes a PG lab exclusively meant for the research. This lab is Linux based and has many research equipment such as Mentor graphics, spectrum analyzer, digital storage oscilloscopes, high frequency counter, antenna trainer kit, Combiscopes, pneumatic trainer kit etc. These laboratories are monitored and maintained by skilled and experienced staff. 

Department has an independent library with 1500 text books and Journals with open access for students.

Department frequently organizes guest lectures by leading industrialist and technologist’s to keep the students in tune with the latest technological developments. Innovation, Paper Presentation Contest and Project Competitions are held to bring out the latest technical and organizational skills of the students. Industrial trainings are regularly arranged to expose the students to the industrial environment.


  • Electronics Engineering Students Association (EESA) conducts various technical activities for the students.
  • Student members of EESA have actively participated in various technical events conducted throughout India.
  • The Department conducts various Technical seminars, symposia and workshops for the students and faculties.
  • The Faculty Members of the Department actively publish technical papers in various National Conferences and symposia every year.
  • The Faculty Members of the Department actively publishing Books.
  • Advance teaching aids for effective teaching.
  • Faculty of the department work as a resource person.
  • Focus on Training prerequisites for on-campus recruitment.
  • All the faculties are LIFE members of ISTE.
  • 100% of the faculty members are having Master Degree qualification.


To contribute our nation and the whole domain through quality for scientific and technical education and research; to serve as a treasured resource for productiveness and society; and remain a source of vanity for all Indians.


To provide idiosyncratic and pertinent education in an environment of scientific, technological, and professional knowledge establishment and innovation.
To engender innovative knowledge by imparting pioneering research and to promote academic evolution by offering high-tech undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.
To ascertain, based on insight of Indian, regional and global requirements, areas of specialism upon which the institute can focus.
To undertake concerted projects offering prospects for continuing interaction with academia and industry.
To enhance human potential to the maximum extent such that intellectual people can emerge out with various professions.


  • Educational integrity and responsibility.
  • Admiration and acceptance for the views of every individual.
  • Responsiveness to issues of national importance as well as of universal concern.
  • Extensiveness of understanding, including awareness of the human sciences.
  • Appreciation of academic excellence and ingenuity.
  • An autonomous essence of exploration, rationality and enterprise.

Career opportunities

The activities of civil engineers provide them with opportunities in a variety of locations from city centres to remote construction sites. Employment pportunities are available in various State and Central Government and Semi-Government departments, viz., P.W.D., irrigation, environment, railways, municipal or local bodies, corporation etc. and private sectors (like design, consultancy and construction firms). There is ample scope for self-employment. With a large outlay in government sector and a matching outlay in private sector, there will be adequate employment opportunities for civil engineers for years to come. There is a consistent and continuous demand for civil engineers.

Department Information

Department Electronics
Dept Location Main Building, 2nd floor
Established year 1983
Head of Department Prof. Sutresh R Halhalli
Phone no. 02382-221255 Ext 38
Email Id,
UG Prog Name Electronics Engineering
UG Prog Intake 60
PG Prog Name Electronics & Communication Engineering (M.E)
PG prog Intake 18
Reasearch Prog -
Total Classroom 4
Total Labs 12
Faculty Student ratio 1:15
Total Prof 0
Total Associate Prof 5
Total Assistant Prof 7
Total Faculty 12
Supporting Tech Staff 4
Supporting Non Tech. Staff 2


Sr. Name Designation/Dept Qualification Experience Publication Area of Specialization Image
Teaching Industry
1 Prof. HALHALLI S R (H.O.D.) Asso. Prof. ME (EC) 27 Int. 07, Nat.01, Book 1 Communication Engg.
2 Prof. BALE V S Asso. Prof. ME (E& TC) 25 Int. 01, Book 1 Signal Processing
3 Prof. TAMBOLI A K Asso. Prof. ME (EC) 25 Embeded System Design
4 Prof. SOLAPURKAR U B Asst. Prof. ME (EC) 26 Books 2 Signal Processing
5 Prof. SHAH V K Asst. Prof. M.TECH (EC) 25 Electronics Device & Electromagnetic
6 Prof. KILLARIKAR S S Asso. Prof. ME (EC) 24 Int. 03, Nat.02, Digital Electronics
7 Prof. HATTE J S Asst. Prof. M.TECH (Comm. System) 14 Int. 01, Nat.01, Comm. Embedded system
8 Prof. MUDDA S S Asst. Prof. M.TECH (Comm.) 13 Int. 01, Nat.01, Communication
9 Prof. SHETKAR S S Asst. Prof. M.TECH (EC) 16 1 Nat.01, Digital Image Processing
10 Prof. PATIL B A Asst. Prof. M.TECH (DCN) 6 Nat.02, Digital Communication & Networking
11 Prof. KHANAPURE R P Asst. Prof. M.TECH (DECE) 4 2 Int. 01, Comm. Engg.

Laboratory Details

1.Analog and Digital Communication

Room no. : 205 B

Area: 400 sq. ft.

Laboratory In-charge: Prof. S. R. Halhalli

Work Area (Specialization): Analog and Digital Communication

List of equipment’s

Sr. Name of Equipment Quantity
1 Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (G W INSTEK) 01
2 Oscilloscopes (G W INSTEK) 08
3 Signal Generator (APLAB,L & T) 08
4 AM / FM Generator 100KHz - 260 MHz 01
5 DC Power Supply 0-30 Volts, 2A (APLAB) 08
6 Analog Communication kits (SCIENTECH) 01
7 Computers P-IV 02
8 Digital Communication Kits (SCIENTECH) 01

2.Microwave Engineering and Fiber Optics Communication Laboratory

Room no. : 204 - A And 204- B

Area: 400 sq. ft.

Laboratory In-charge: Prof. B. A. Patil

Work Area (Specialization): Microwave Engg. and Fiber Optics Communication

List of equipment’s

Sr. Name of Equipment Quantity
1 Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (G W INSTEK) 01
2 Analog & Digital Storage Oscilloscopes 01
3 Microwave Bench 02
4 Microwave components 30
5 Fiber Optic Communication Kits 01
6 Computers P-IV 02

3.Power Electronics Laboratory

Room no. : 205-A

Area: 400 sq. ft.

Laboratory In-charge: Prof. U. B. Solapurkar

Work Area (Specialization): Power Electronics

List of equipment’s

Sr. Name of Equipment Quantity
1 Power Analyzer 01
2 Poweroscope 15 MHz 01
3 True RMS DMM 08
4 Power Factor Meter 08
5 Wattmeter 08
6 DC Motor 01
7 DC Chopper Controller 01
8 AC Tachogenerator 01
9 Induction Motor Drives 01
10 4 Quadrant Chopper Drives(POWERCON) 01
11 Stator Voltage Controller 01
12 Resonant Converter 01

4.Basic Electronics and Electronic Design Laboratory

Room no. : 207-A,And 207 B

Area: 400 sq. ft.

Laboratory In-charge: Prof. V. K. Shah

Work Area (Specialization): Basic Electronic Devices and Electronic Circuit Design

List of equipment’s

Sr. Name of Equipment Quantity
2 Function generator (APLAB) 08
3 Power Supply (SCIENTECH ,APLAB) 08
4 DMM (MECO) 16
5 Universal Programmer 01
6 P-4 machines 08
7 HP Printer 01
8 PCB Manufacturing Equipments 01 Set

5.Post Graduate Laboratory

Room no. : 209-A

Area: 400 sq. ft.

Laboratory In-charge: Prof. V. S Bale

Work Area (Specialization): MATLAB Fundamentals and Programming Techniques, Major Project of Post Graduate students

List of equipment’s

Sr. Name of Equipment Quantity
1 DSO 100 MHz 04
2 60MHz Oscilloscope 31
3 MATLAB Simulink 01
4 CASPOC Power circuit Simulator 132
5 NG Spice 23 12

6.VLSI Design and Embedded System Laboratory

Room no. : 207-B

Area: 400 sq. ft.

Laboratory In-charge: Prof. S. S. Shetkar

Work Area (Specialization): VLSI

List of equipment’s (VLSI)

Sr. Name of Equipment Quantity
1 Computer with operating system LINUX (Redhat) 20
2 Laser Printer Cannon 01
3 CPLD, FPGA Training Kit 06

List of equipment’s :( Embedded System)

Sr. Name of Equipment Quantity
1 Pentium-IV machines (Window OS) 20
2 ARM 7 LPC 2148 Development kits 09
3 ARM9 Evaluation board 5154-624 03

7.Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory

Room no. : 202-A

Area: 400 sq. ft.

Laboratory In-charge: Prof. A. K. Tamboli

Work Area (Specialization): Microcontroller Applications

List of equipment’s

Sr. Name of Equipment Quantity
1 In-circuit emulator 04
2 Pentium IV Machines 20
3 C-Cross compiler 01
4 Software- KEIL MicroVision 3, Turbo C-C++ 20

8.Instrumentation and Control Laboratory

Room no. : 206-A

Area: 400 sq. ft.

Laboratory In-charge: Prof. S. S Mudda

Work Area (Specialization): Digital Electronics

List of equipment’s

Sr. Name of Equipment Quantity
1 PLC Trainer kit 01
2 Water level controller 01
3 Elevator set up 01
4 Pressure transducer 01
5 Vibration meter 01
6 PID controller 01
7 Electro pneumatic trainer kit 01
8 Air compressor 01

9.Electronics Measurement and Network Laboratory

Room no. : 206-B

Area: 400 sq. ft.

Laboratory In-charge: Prof. S. S. Killarikar

Work Area (Specialization): Electronic Instrumentation & Measurement

List of equipment’s

Sr. Name of Equipment Quantity
1 Equipment 01
2 Spectrum Analyzer 01
3 Digital Storage Oscilloscope 01
4 R.F. Signal Generator 01
5 Mediscope 01
6 Defibrillator Trainer Kit 01
7 PC based ECG Machine 01

10.Digital Electronics Laboratory

Room no. : 205-B

Area: 400 sq. ft.

Laboratory In-charge: R. P. Khanapure

Work Area (Specialization): Digital Electronics

List of equipment’s

Sr. Name of Equipment Quantity
1 Power Supply 08
2 CRO 10
3 Signal Generator 07
4 Audio Gen.low dist. 01
5 Logic Analyser 01

11.Soft Computing Laboratory

Room no. : 203

Area: 400 sq. ft.

Laboratory In-charge: Prof. R. O Sudke

Work Area (Specialization): Data Structures & Algorithm

List of equipment’s

Sr. Name of Equipment Quantity
1 Computer- Pentium-IV, 2.66GHz, 512MB RAM, 80GB HDD, Color Monitor(LG) 20
2 DSP-Kit- TMS320C6713 Floating point Processor, 200MHz(GDP) 12
3 Software– MATLAB 20


Activities carried out in EESA:

  1. Engineer Day
  2. Aptitude Test (Weekly)
  3. Group Discussion
  4. Debate Competition.
  5. Project Exicibution
  6. Poster Presentation
  7. Paper Presentation
  8. Model Making.
STTP Workshops


2015 Pass out Toppers B.E. (EC)

Sr. Name %
1 PALLOD NEHA K. 1271/1500 84.73
2 SHAIKH SAMEER M. 1217/1500 81.13

List of Rooms

Sr. Room No. Specification of Room No.
1 201 Electronics Department Library
2 202 Electronics Department Microprocessor & VLSI Lab.
3 203 Electronics Department Soft Computing Lab.
4 204 Electronics Department Communication Lab.
5 205 Electronics Department Digital & Power Electronics Lab.
6 206 Electronics Department Control & Instrumentation Lab.
7 207 Electronics Department Electronics Circuit Lab.
8 208 IT Dept. Library / Seminar Hall / Faculty Cabin
9 209 FE Computer Lab.
10 210 Electronics Seminar Hall
11 211 Function Hall
12 212 Electronics HOD
13 213 Academic Cell
14 214 BE (EC)
15 215 TE (EC)
16 216 SE (EC)
17 217 FE (D)
18 218 FE (A)
19 219 FE (B)
20 220 Mathematic Department
21 221 Training & Placement Department
22 222 Mech. Dept. MM&M Lab./ ACS Lab./ EM Lab. / TOM Lab.
23 223 Mech. Dept. CAD-CAM Lab.
24 224 FE (C)