Administrative Staff

Sr. Name Designation Qualification Experience Area of Specialization Image
1 Mrs.V.V.Bawage I/C Registrar M.Com. 25 Years Office
2 Mr.S.B.Hallale Accounts Officer M.Com. M.Phil. 31.5 Years Office
3 Mr.A.P.Joshi Office Superi. B.A. 33 Years Office
4 Mr.S.G.Sugare Head Clerk M.Com. 24 Years Office
5 Mr.J.M.Lakhadive Head Clerk B.COM 17 Account Section
6 Mr.S.M.Deshmukh Head Clerk B.A. English 16 Admission Section (I/C)
7 Mr.R.M.Shete Sr. Clerk M. COM 22 Years Exam. Section
8 Mr R. W. Patil Sr. Clerk B.A Exam. Section
9 Mr.G.V.Patil Jr. Clerk B.A 18 Years Admission Section
10 Mr.S.M.Kanade Jr. Clerk B.Com. 26 Years Hostel & Accademic
11 Mr.V.G.Swami
12 Mr.B.G.Hulmajage Jr. Clerk SSC, CCCO 29 Exam. Section

Technical Staff

Sr. Name Designation Qualification Experience Area of Specialization Image
1 Mr.R.O.Sudke Comp. Prog. M.Sc (Math.) 25 Years Electronics Department
2 Mr.S. C. Jirge Comp. Prog.
(Network Incharge)
MCA 1.7 Years Comp. Dept.
3 Mr.R.S.Maynale Instructor ITI,NCTVT. 31 Years Mechanical Department
4 Mr.S.M.Baig Instructor ITI 30 Years Mechanical Department
5 Mr.S.C.Patwari Maintenance Engg. D.C.E. 26 Years Civil Department
6 Mr.S.S.Utage Tech. Asst. Diploma in Electrical Engg. 24 Years Electrical Department
7 Mr.S.S.Garte Tech. Asst. M.E. (Appearing) 19 Years Mechanical Department
8 Mr.V.S.Dhuppe
9 Mr.D.V.Kore Instructor ITI, ETP 28 Years Mechanicla Department
10 Mr.R.K.Zunjare Instructor ITI 29 Years Civil Department
11 Mr O. K Ankulange Electrician HSC, Vocational 14 Years Electrical work
12 Mr.S.N.Patange Lab. Asst. Electro. Tech. Diploma 22 Years Electronics Department
13 Mr.V.V.Nila Lab. Asst. ITI (NTC) 12 Years Academic Cell & F.E. Dept.
14 Mr.A.B.Bidve Lab. Asst. ITI (NTC) 12 Years Electronics Department
15 Mr.A.V.Nila Lab. Asst. ITI (NTC) 12 Years Scolarship Section
16 MR R G Sankaye Lab. Asst. B.A ENG, M.A. Sco 4 Years Info. Tech. Department
17 Miss.S.S.Patil Lab. Asst. B.Sc. 7 Years Info. Tech. Department
18 Mr.A.A.Kadam Lab. Asst. B.E. (CSE) 8 Years Comp. Dept.
19 Mr. C. S. Suryawanshi Electrician M.C.V.C. 8 Years Electrical Department
20 Mr. V. U. Tat Tech. Asst. M.Sc (Comp. Sci.) 8 Years Office
21 Miss. S. S. Yelapure Tech. Asst. Diploma in CSE 2 Years Comp. Dept.
22 Mr. S. V. Tanwade Lab. Asst. Diploma in Elctronics
& Tele. Comm.
1.7 Years Electronics Department
23 Mr.B.S.Mitkari Skilled Asst. ITI 31 Years Electronics Department
24 Mr.N.R.Bembalkar Skilled Asst. ITC 27 Years Electrical Department
25 Mr.R.V.Wadde Skilled Asst. SSC 25 Years Electrical Department
26 Mr.M.A.Gaikwad Carpenter ITI, MA 8 Years Mechanical Department
27 Mr D. R. Patil Lab. Atte. SSC 19 Years Office
28 Mr. D. S. Thele Lab. Atte. SSC 18 Years Office